Tourism in Cádiz from the Hotel Las Cortes

Touring in Cádiz from our welcoming Hotel las Cortes means to discover its cultural wealth. Cádiz, a three thousand years old city, the most ancient city of west, is the birth of acclaimed writers, musicians and politicians. Walking along the streets, we can find vestiges of the diverse civilizations that were her during different centuries; it is the case of Phoenicians and Romans.

Cadiz gets his major relevancy during the XVIIth and XVIIIth century, time of the trade with the ” New World “. From this period we can distinguish the houses – palaces constructed by the European merchants who were moving the residence to our city for major control of the commercial routes. Nowadays, Cadiz is known by his carnival declared of tourist international interest.

During your stay at Hotel las Cortes de Cádiz you will be able to enjoy all the attractions of our city, as well as different routes can be realized by different points of our province, such as the Route of the Bull or of the White Villages.

Culturales activities in Cádiz

Thanks to the varied program of activities that offers our city and our province it has extended the culture activities. Our Falla Great Theatre is an important cultural impulse for the city, so much for the works of theatre, operettas, dances, concerts and operas as for being the headquarters of the contest of carnival groups during part of January and almost every February.

We must emphasize important monuments that are distributed by the whole city, as the monument to the Spanish Parliament of Cadiz of 1812, the walls that surround the old town of the city, constructed to defend the city after the Anglo-Dutch assault of 1596, which left the city diminished to ashes.

Museums, squares and churches are unforgettable for all those who visit our city.

The weather in Cádiz

Andalusia is one of the warmest regions of the whole Europe. His moderate climate demonstrates with dry and warm summers and winters of soft temperatures, with irregular rainfalls during the winter. If there is a feature typical of the Andalusian environment, it is the light, result of the great number of sun hours , approximately 3.000 hours a year, which make the happy and hospitable character of the Andalusians. These meteorological conditions of Andalusia make a perfect place to practise golf and other sports during the whole year.

Temperature and rainfall

In order to help you pack the luggage for your stay in Hotel Las Cortes de Cádiz, we offer you this useful information about the average temperature and rainfall of the region:

  • From December to February: Occasional rains (a maximum of 2 consecutive days) with 22ºC day and 12ºC night.
  • From March to May: Sunny days, few clouds and rainfalls with 24ºC day and 16ºC night.
  • From June to August: Completely sunny days with 30ºC day and 20ºC night.
  • From September to November: Sunny days and very few clouds and rainfalls with 23ºC day and 17ºC night.